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Poway Stake Merit Badge Nights

Past Years Merit Badge Offerings
In reverse cronological order

Merit Badge
Nov. 14
 Wednesday Rancho Bernardo host
  Emergency Preparedness

Woody Zacchilli

  Personal Management Jordan Gibbs
  Dog Care Jim Sabin
  Skating Bryan Brockbank
    TBD (PQ)
Oct. 10
Green Valley host
Citizenship in the Community Don Higgingson
Family Life Gary Short (PQ)
  American Business Steve Gillette
  Public Speaking Marc Davis
  Robotics Roger Dohm
  Weather Chris Nelson
May 9
Mar. 14
Del Sur host
Communications John Lundstrom (PQ)
Personal Fitness Sean Nielsen
  Music Susan Dransfield
  Photography Steve Chidester
  Salesmanship Byron Fisher
Feb. 8
Del Norte host
Bill Kingsford
David Bagley (PQ)
Jr Vele
Ed Jones
Chris McMullin
Roger Covalt


Merit Badge
Nov. 9
 Wednesday Ramona/ R. Oaks host
Kevan Bradshaw
Bob Sulzen
Monroe McBride
Tim Gold
Roger Dohm
Rob Wallace
Robert Nickel
Oct. 12
Highland Valley host
Alan Bird (PQ)
Scott Greer
Chad Heap
Jimmy Frandsen
Brad Blau
May 11
Twin Peaks host
David Walton (PQ)

Marty Bramwell

Ben Moncrief
Craig Pond
Marc Walsh
Mar. 9
Lake Poway host
Mark Morris
Alan Schumann
Mike Christensen
Robin Jensen
Valerie Miller
Layne Jensen (PQ)
Feb. 9
Stake host
Dave Bagley (PQ)

Steve Boyack


Marc Davis

Chris Nelson
Dustin Dunn


Merit Badge
Nov. 10
  Wednesday Sabre Springs host
  Brian Akagi
  Stacy Jensen
  Tom Naylor
  Joe Speer
Oct. 13
  Wednesday Rancho Bernardo host
Angel DeGuzman
Home Repairs

Rodd DeGuzman

  Skating Brian Brockbank
  Personal Fitness Jim Sabin
May 12
 Wednesday Green Valley host
Chris Nelson
Personal Fitness Doug Jarman
  Collections Carl Washburn
  Fingerprinting Debie Washburn
Mar. 10
  Wednesday Del Sur host
Woody Zacchilli
Shawn Nielsen
Laurie Nielsen
Paul Johnson
Feb. 10
 Wednesday Del Norte host
  Aviation Ed Jones
  Family Life Greg Ashcraft
  Personal Management John McKenna
  Weather Miguel Miller


Merit Badge
Nov. 10
  Wednesday Highland Valley host
  Computers Jimmy Frandsen
  Geneology Cory Casalegno
  Electronics Brad Blau
  Citizenship in the Community* Don Jorgensen
  Communications* Chad Heap
Oct. 13
  Wednesday Ramona Oaks host
Aviation Wurzel Parsons-Keir
Crime Prevention Kurt Torsak
  Personal Management* Andy Gale
  Scholarship Joanna Gale
Mar. 10
  Wednesday Ramona host
  Astronomy Steve Boyack
  Family Life John Thomas
Textiles Nancy Kunz
  Public Speaking Monroe McBride
Feb. 10
 Wednesday Lake Poway host
  Citizenship in the World * Mark Morris
  Geology Art Johnson
  Music Val Miller
  Personal Fitness *

Keith Monroe

  Radio Alan Schumann


Merit Badge
Nov 12
  Wednesday Del Norte host
  Camping * Dave Lang
  Citizenship in the Nation * Lori Moberly
  Gardening Richard Wright
  Art Jennifer Parks
Oct. 8
  CANCELLED - Prop 8 Fireside  
May 14
  Wednesday Twin Peaks host
Communications* Marty Bramwell
Fishing Marc Walsh
  Weather Chris Nelson
  Personal Fitness* Kent Murdoch
Mar. 12
  Wednesday Ramona host
  Citizenship in the Community* Don Higginson
  Emergency Preparedness* Carl Washburn
Personal Management* Kelly Burt
Feb. 13
 Wednesday Lake Poway host
  Citizenship in the Nation* Marc Davis
  Personal Fitness* Spencer Plumb
  Scholarship Tim Wertner
Merit Badge
Nov. 14
  Wednesday Del Sur ward host
       Family Life
   Laurie Nelson
       Personal Fitness
   Shawn Neilsen
   Jeremy Dixon
       American Heritage
   Becki Cutler
Oct. 10
  Wednesday Del Norte ward host
   Nancy Maxwell
   Brett Christensen
   Miguel Miller
Mar. 14
  Wednesday Twin Peaks ward host
   Sean Woods
   Marc Walsh
   Josh Winspear
   Chris Nelson
Merit Badge
Nov. 08
Wednesday Highland Valley ward host
  Fingerprinting Joe Speer
  Safety Mark Caldwell
  First Aid* Scott Greer
  Landscape Architecture Tom Ashton
Oct. 11
Wednesday Ramona Oaks ward host
Cancelled due to fireside...  
Apr. 12
Wednesday (open) ward host
Collections Steven Boyack
Electronics Paul Spencer
  Family Life * Merrilee Boyack
Model Design and Building Barry Speer
Mar. 08
Wednesday Ramona ward host
  finish up Stamp Collecting and Plumbing  
  Coin Collecting Jim Profancik
Environmental Science* Dan Speer
  Home Repairs Steven Finch
  Journalism Jerry Carlson
Feb. 08
Wednesday Lake Poway ward host
  Aviation Jay Henderson
Law John Preston
  Plumbing Robin Jensen
Stamp Collecting Karl Deibel
Merit Badge
Nov. 09
Wednesday Rancho Bernardo host
Personal Management* Dave Bagley
Personal Fitness* Kent Carpenter
  First Aid* Kelly Skanchy
  Skating Bryan Brockbank
Oct. 12
Wednesday Sabre Springs ward host
Basketry Doug Goldbach
Citizenship in the World* Justin Bird
Weather Miguel Miller
Apr. 13
Wednesday Green Valley ward host
Engineering Jim Amadai
First Aid* Lynette Brown
Textiles Debi Washburn
Mar. 02
Wednesday Del Norte ward host
  Citizen. in the Nation* Paul Johnson
Personal Mgt* Laurie Nelson
  Railroading Roger Covalt
Collections Cindy Pollard
Feb. 02
Wednesday Twin Peaks ward host
  Cinematography Steven Boyack
Camping* Marty Bramwell
Citizenship Community* Merrilee Boyack




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